About Us

Life is short. To change your life, live “WITH A PURPOSE.”

How many time have we gone through life forgetting what we were put here for? We forgot our PURPOSE! Life came into play; having boyfriends, girlfriends, babies on the way, even death in the family. With all of life’s distractions, we lost our way, we lost what we were given at birth…..OUR PURPOSE.

These jerseys we have made, serve as a daily reminder of our goals and achievements. With A Purpose Sportswear Jerseys, is a consistent reminder of our goals; it’s a reminder to stay focused on our tasks and agenda.

Through pre-school, elementary, high school and even college, we are driven With A Purpose to make our mark onto this civilization! With every positive occupation, whether it be a doctor, lawyer, marine, truck driver, body builder, or even the greatest occupation there is, that of being a mother – be With A Purpose!

You have a destiny to complete, don’t let anything get in the way of you accomplishing your Purpose. Not jealousy, not envy, not even a bad hair day, let no one or nothing hold you back from your Purpose! You are EMPOWERED with a Purpose, your Purpose. With A Purpose (“WE RISE”).

HUMANITY is greater than us all! Be about your business! Let no one stop you, not even yourself!

With A Purpose Sportswear Inc.

***Buy these jerseys for your friends and family to push them through whatever they’re going through. Raise their level of awareness!


Founded in 2017, With a Purpose Sportswear is the lifestyle clothing line you wear that can literally change your life and provide you with direction.

Thank you for visiting With a Purpose Sportswear.  We have the fun, positive apparel that will put your purpose in focus.  Our 100% polyester apparel include T-Shirt  Jerseys and all are 100% polyester, quality products that wear well and look great.

We keep our inventory fresh with new sets coming in all the time. We use the latest in direct to garment print technology so your shirts are custom made for you. If you have any special requests, let us know and we’ll always try to oblige.